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Sunday, April 11, 2010

BC Ferries Rescue Drill

This morning local rescue services came together to practice a mass emergency evacuation from the newly refitted MV Quinsam (our Gabriola to Nanaimo ferry). Unfortunatley I wasn't able to get access to the Quinsam's dock but was able to catch some of the action where the rescue crews were landing. All in all I think everyone did a great job and I'm glad to be in the hands of these professionals should an emergency occur!
Please click on the pictures for a better view, enjoy.

Ok so this guy wasn't part of the evacuation/rescue, but he was kind enough to pose for me while I tested out my lense.

Now on to the main event. Wasn't quite close enough to see what they pulled out of the water, but it looked sort of like a dummy.

One of the rescue crews.

Another rescue crew.

And then zooming out of my picture.

As always I am distracted by the view. This is looking across the chanel at Vancouver.

A zodiac full of 'evacuees'.

Both of the participating zodiacs en route to the Newcastle dock.

At the Newcastle dock RCMP did a quick check to make sure everyone was accounted for, then Fire Fighters escorted the passengers to a park pavillion.

At the Pavillion passengers were again counted by members of the local Fire and Rescue.

 Taking a breather.

One of the response buses.

It's a wrap folks, clean up time.

And that's all she wrote.

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Whiteseal said...

Great pictures! You captured the event quite nicely.