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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out | Things I Like to Touch | (in the garden!)

Here are a few things 'I Like to Touch' ... in the garden.

Fuzzy Lambs Ear

Rough Bark and Smooth Wood

Bristley Horse Tail

Waxy Berries

Fluffy Dandelions

Cool Maple Leaves

And Petite Petals

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GingerV said...

what is that plant that has the waxy berries.... is new to me (in that form! maybe) great post. I also like to just touch in the garden, some one else said touch herb to release their smell... yes!
I hope everyone is paying attention so that they visit you. hugs from Brasil

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah!! Wonderful shootout!! I loooove lambs ears..soooo soft..I loved your whole shootout...especially that upward shot of the dandelion...wow!!!
Namaste, Sarah