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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out |Roads & Pathways|

{click on the images for a better look}

a pathway that skirts the top of some bluffs

a road at night

a hidden pathway

a country road

an oceanside pathway

the road to Gold River

lakeside pathway
(see it there in the lower right corner! I know cheating as always)

the road home


Manang Kim said...

Oh wow that is super nice pathway. Specially the hidden pathway. Happy weekend!
Roads & Pathways

Ann said...

An UFO seeing your second photo would wonder what kind of UFO is that? Great night shot.

Pauline said...

Oh gosh, your road to Gold River is so lovely! I'm instantly back there, on my way to see the salmon running, something I will never forget! And I love your night shot. No, I love them all!

Jama said...

I love that oceanside pathway, the view there is simply awesome!

GingerV said...

I am so glad I checked mrLinky one more time. the light and colors are striking. I know it is the rain or humidity that help you with the light and true color but I would love walking these walkways rain or shine. I like the night shot too. Guess I agree with Pauline, I love them all * if Im not coherent its cause I haven't had my first cup of coffee this morning.

NanU said...

I'd love to walk that oceanside path. Beautiful photos.

Doreen said...

fantastic post!! like them all, the black and white, and all the others. keep taking those shots, you are so good at it.

psychelyn said...

love your road/path shots, they look dramatic. i like especially the ones at lakeside and oceanside ",)